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How COVID has impacted our business

I think it may be the biggest understatement to say that these past few months have been difficult to manage, especially for a small business. This is our first full operating year for Holly Home Renovations, we felt like we had just started to get our feet under us when the pandemic hit. Though we feel we (nor anyone) should owe any explanations from taking some time for our family these past few months, we wanted to catch you up with our business and how COVID has affected it.

March Madness

Though the NCAA bracket was canceled, the madness we saw this past spring was way more unexpected than a #16 upset over #1 (looking at you, Virginia). The beginning of March we found ourselves, like so many others, facing difficult decisions and a lot of uncertainty. Our concerns were many and included

1) how do we best protect our family?

2) is it safe to keep sending our baby to daycare? (<-- side note: we absolutely love where our son Hank goes and are so grateful for the amazing care they have provided during this time!!)

And lastly

3) how in the world will our little-baby, just-started business survive this economic blow?

With everything the world and our family was facing I just couldn’t bring myself to continue posting photos of pretty spaces and act like we weren’t affected. We also needed to figure out what was safest not only for us, but also for the clients we were serving which brings us to…

Our due diligence to our clients

With me working in a hospital setting, we felt we owed it to the health and safety of our clients to ensure that we were doing everything we could to keep them and their homes safe. Our greatest concerns as a business were (and continue to be) how do we help to keep our clients safe while still providing the work and making an income for our family? Our solution? We decided in March that it was safest to put interior projects on hold for the time being, and switched our focus to exterior projects. From screened-in porches, to decks, to external structural work we felt it was the safest to continue our business but in a way that we felt kept us and our clients at the least risk of exposure. I am forever grateful for my husband's handy skills. His ability to manage a variety of different home improvement projects helped us to be able to have a safe way to continue working until we felt more comfortable being inside people’s homes.

We’re back (safely, with masks), now what?

We’ve gotten to spend LOTS of quality time together these past few months to discuss how we want Holly Home Renovations to operate for our family. We look forward to using our social media space to share updates from projects and take you along for the ride on upcoming renovations! (Rumor has it Todd even learned how to make timelapse videos….stay tuned!) We currently are booking for fall and winter projects, both interior and exterior, so please reach out if you have any projects in mind to make your home more enjoyable as we continue to spend more time here!

Wishing you all health and safety from our Holly Home,


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